Sep 13 2012

Milo inventory search bought by eBay

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One of the central things to get mobile commerce (m-commerce) working is that customers, when asking for a product which might be sold out where they are right then, can find out if it is available somewhere nearby. One step-stones towards this goal is what makes Milo tick behind the scenes: Milo taps into the […]

Sep 13 2012

Amazon and Amazon Locker Delivery

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For many years now, Amazon has refused to open shops. After their support for the showrooming concept, now in retrospect, this mindset makes even more sense. And now, with Amazon Lockers, Amazon has found a way to get closer to costumers, finally. Amazon Lockers are micro warehouse systems, closed shelves, mostly installed in partnering retail […]

Aug 13 2012

Amazon showroom commissions?

Tag: Showroominggoes @ 7:17 pm

With Amazon decidedly promoting showrooming, it’s time to think about when the online retail giant decides to offer a compensation structure for real-life, high-street brick-and-mortar showrooms (formerly called “shops”)? Amazon’s Associates program is one of, if not, the most successful referral program on the web. They’ve got a rich history of letting everyone that helps […]

Aug 12 2012

Showrooming definition

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What is Showrooming?? Wikipedia defines Showrooming as “… the act of examining merchandise in a brick and mortar retail store without purchasing it there, then shopping online to find a lower price for the same item.” This definition is unsatisfactory. A better work-thesis kind of definition might be: Showrooming, from a customer perspective, is the […]

Aug 12 2012


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This new section on goesZen is meant as a hub and post collection to keep tab on new developments in the online and offline retail world – the next version or final revolution, evolution?, that might transform our inner cities, that might change how the High Street works. Will online shopping evolve? Is there a […]